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Digital Strategy Consulting

Every business prepares for the future. The future is Digital. Digital strategy should be part of the business strategy and draw the future business goals, process, technology, human resource, organizational structure and how all of that works together in harmony and effectively. Digital Effective offers digital strategy and digital business development as a service, so […]

Digital Marketing

Today digital marketing demands many unique skills of business orientation, innovative techniques, a deep understanding of technology, marketing strategies, knowledge of user experience, systems and data analysis and much more. The unique methodology we use for digital marketing is offered as a service to entrepreneurs as well as large corporations. Just set your business goals and […]

Research & Development as a Service

While many business/marketing consulting firms may give you good advice, most of them won’t actually build your digital product. Our unique digital business development service includes technology R&D, data crunching, as well as system analysis and design.

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Digital Product Management

Multidisciplinary Practice

The practice of digital product management requires soft skills, marketing knowledge, a business sense, software engineering and much more. The commercial success of the product depends largely on perfect synchronization between a variety of management skills and professional methodologies.

Daily Business Care

Since virtual products are invisible to the human eye, the best way to comprehend their status and follow the progress of their development is through a daily review, comparing data, examining trends, service levels and so forth. This daily data will guide business decisions and ensure that the right decision will be made at the […]

Effective Outsourcing of Product Innovation

With the massive growth in digital products in recent years, many organizations have chosen to outsource some of these products and concentrate on the management of the organization core activities. This approach lets senior managers stay focused on the cash flows and strategic tasks without abandoning innovative digital products.

Digital Effective - Digital product management
Digital Effective - on going digital business development

Digital Business Development

New Products for new Customer Needs

The Achilles’ heel of many marketing disciplines is finding the balance between exerting the classic effort to extend product usage while exploring new customer segments through new digital technology. The right balance with the right knowledge can create new opportunities right in the middle of the strategic focus.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships in the digital field are an entirely different story compared to what we think and build in the physical world. A true mind-shift is required in order to leverage the endless opportunities of the digital world.

Digital Transformation (or Digitization)

Digitization is a business mindset that puts the digital technology at the heart of the business in order to ensure future business growth. It can start with improving the efficiency of business processes, and continue with automated digital sales engines, and move all the way to completely automatic new business creations.

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